Introducing the Bodog

Bodog has recently been rated by experts and betting players as one of the best bookies today. With the available soccer betting experience and a large team of experts and staff, the Bodog house is gradually asserting its position in the hearts of players.

About Bodog

The house Bodog was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre, Bodog has grown into a global empire. Bodog casino offers a wide range of poker entertainment products marketed worldwide including online casino games, an international record label, a publisher and a producer of national television programs. on real shows like the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker program (Calvin Ayre Poker) and the Bodog Match.

Bodog Bookmaker

Operates strongly in the Americas and Europe with online entertainment products: Casino, online gamble, poker … Currently, Bodog is focusing on developing strongly for Asian markets and especially Vietnam. In only a short 5 years of building market share, Bodog is known to players as one of the leading prestigious bookmakers as well as an Asian partner of the prestigious Arsenal team and always accompanies with big football tournament around the globe.

Advantages of the house Bodog

Bodog has been licensed with Asian Products and Services by the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, the Cagayan Economic Zone Government – CEZA – licensed and regulated by the Philippine Government. .

Customer information security system is highly focused. The house Bodog has invested and used the most modern technology to ensure. Security system is always guaranteed 24/24 operation.

Big promotions are always applied by Bodog. Players are free to choose for big promotions at major holidays and events organized by the Bodog.

Bodog are rich and varied of odds: Europe, Malaysian, Indonesian, Hongkong, to Dec types, Odd’s updates according to the standard and perfectly reasonable for customers. Bodog provided odds before the match and even in a few last minutes

Users can fully trust Bodog by the enthusiastic and prestigious service. With a team of customer service specialists via email, phone, online card game, … just go to the homepage and click on the online logo to contact the Bodog directly.

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