Introduction of FB88

FB88 – Another quality dealer of Asia

FB88 is another bookmaker from Asia. FB88 soon to find a firm foothold in this market even though it was only put into operation in 2016. FB88 is owned by Young Royal Business Cooperation, located in Manila, Philippines, the license was granted. by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

The name FB88 is quite new in the online betting and entertainment market. FB88, like the other popular bookmakers today, offers soccer betting, sports betting, and various other types of entertainment. If you have used FB88 or at least visited this website, you can understand why FB88 appears in the list of Top bookies in Asia and Vietnam of

The professionalism and investment of this house is shown quite clearly through the interface and content of the website: professionally designed, coherent, easy to understand, in-depth and complete content. For even first-time users, experience this type of entertainment, online betting will find it quite easy to get started with FB88.

Detailed review of FB88

Some salient features of FB88

The fact that FB88 has just been in operation for 2 years (since 2016) doesn’t mean this house is lack of sports odds. This is a list of sports with odds on FB88: Football, American Football, Beach Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Handball, Badminton, Tennis, Boxing / MMA, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Golf, Racing, Billiards, Athletics.

In addition, FB88 also has eSports betting, Financial betting, Lottery, and special events betting.

Note that bets on FB88 are recorded in units of 1, 2, 3 … VND, the value of 1VND here is equal to 1,000VND.

FB88’s attractive programs and customer care

In addition to the regular promotions, FB88 also has a rewards program : Earn bonus point – Redeem your favorite products: Samsung S9, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone X, MacBook, GoPro, uniform of great football teams, etc. The rewards are attractive enough to attract players to participate in the program, but even if you do not actively participate in the program, the points are earned automatically when you participate in betting, using the services of FB88. Points can be redeemed into objects when accumulating enough points as prescribed. In addition to gifts, you can exchange bonus points for a free bet instead of gifts.

FB88 also has a VIP membership program with many VIP levels, each level comes with different benefits, built into a very detailed and easy to understand information page.

Experience FB88 on mobile devices

FB88 now has apps for mobile devices on Android and iOS besides the mobile web interface.

Besides a web interface designed exclusively for mobile users, FB88 also launch at the same time 2 versions of application for the 2 most popular operating systems will help both sides. Retaining users thanks to its convenience, and users who regularly use mobile devices can immediately switch to the FB88 app for using services more conveniently.

FB88 sign up instruction

Let’s follow these 3 steps to sign up for an account at FB88

Step 1: Access FB88 homepage

When you are in FB88 homepage, click Sign Up.

Step 2: Fill in FB88’s sign up form with required information as photo below

Fulfill the form with your information correctly including:

  • Full name: Must be correct. Registered full name must be as same as the one on your ATM card, bank account.

  • Date of birth: must be the same with yours ID card.

  • Email address: Your currently using email, this email is in case you forgot or lost your password.

  • Phone number: All security information about the account, account lookup … you can use your mobile phone to contact directly, so you need to fill it correctly.

  • Username: The name that you use to log in at FB88, don’t need to be as same as your real name

  • Password: use to log in Fb88

  • Backup question: Use to reactivate your account when the account is lost.

  • Agency code: Fill in 253 (if empty)

Bước 3: Click “Register” when finish filling information.

Just follow these 3 steps and you’re ready to bet within 3 minutes.

How to deposit and withdraw money at FB88?

* Vietnamese banks those are supported at FB88 for users to transfer money to their accounts: Eximbank, Viettinbank, Dong A Bank, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Sacombank, ACB, Agribank, BIDV, VPBank, diverse and convenient options for users.

In addition to the way of transferring money via banks as above, users can use Ngan Luong payment gateway or Zalo Pay ewallet.

Here’s how to deposit money into your FB88 account by bank transfer:

Send money to FB88 via bank

Step 1: Contact FB88’s Online Care Department

You access and website, on the right corner of the site you will see a 24/7 online support box, click and chat immediately with FB88 online care and ask for FB88 account information.

Note: When players transfer money to the account, they should choose the account information of FB88 with their bank, so that the deposits process is faster. Other banks will take more than 24h.

Step 2: Deposit Money into FB88’s Account

You can transfer money to FB88 account in many ways: direct transfer at the counter, ATM, internet banking, Mobile banking, cash deposit via ATM.

Step 3: Notify of Money Transaction to FB88 Website

After you have finished transferring money to FB88’s account, you will notify FB88 of your money transaction has proceeded. You log into your account, then go to the MONEY TRANSFER section and fill out the deposit order.

The specific steps are as follows: Sign in – Money transfer – Bank transfer – Fill out the deposit order.

After you have finished, just click “CONFIRM”, your information has been sent to FB88. FB88 will have a department to check the information you submit, if correct they will automatically update the money into your account quickly. And you can start to experience FB88.

Deposit instruction with photos

Step 1: Log in FB88
Step 2: Click “Deposit” at top right corner of homepage

Step 3: At Deposit interface, you’ll see that FB88 provides 2 ways of deposit which are bank transfer and scratch card. You’ll choose 1 of 2 ways.

Step 3.1: If you choose BANK TRANSFER

FB88 provides payment gateway to connect with major banks such as Sacombank, VCB, Techcombank, Dong A, ACB, Viettinbank. You can perform deposit transactions in many different ways through banking services such as: Internet banking transfer, ATM, Cash deposit at ATMs, Bank counters, Mobile Banking.

The system will forward to Security Bank Page. Please enter your username and password of your electronic bank account. Click “Continue” and make sure you have sufficient balance in your Bank Account.

You will receive a successful transaction message after your deposit has been successfully transferred from the bank.

Step 3.2: If you choose SCRATCH CARD

For scratch card, Fb88 provides payment almost all types of popular scratch cards in Vietnam such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnam Mobile, FPT (Gate). You just need to select the type of scratch card you have and enter the full scratch card code and card serial number to be able to easily deposit into FB88 account.

Note: Scratch cards will have % of transfer fees.

Step 4: Transfer money to particular game at FB88.

Within a few minutes, the money you deposit will transfer to your account on FB88. You can now start playing online betting with the FB88 online dealer. In order for you to manage your account effectively, the FB88 dealer helps you transfer your funds to each different game. From there you can calculate which game you have the higher chance of winning. The transfer of funds from one game to another is not limited, so it is normal to inject more from the amount of football betting winnings to the online casino at the betting house.

Withdrawal instruction of FB88

Log into your account and follow these steps below:

Step 1: Transfer money from game account to main account.

When you deposit your FB88 account, the money will go to main account, then you’ll need to transfer it to specific game account that you want to play. So, after winning the game, you need to move the money from specific game account to your main account for withdrawal. Money transaction is simple, just follow the instruction of the picture below

Step 2: Make transaction to your bank account.
After transferring, select Withdraw. You’ll need to fill the form with information correctly.
Note: If you want your money to quickly go to your bank account, you’ll need to notice: Do not enter the wrong information and FB88 won’t be able to transfer money to you, they will ask you to confirm your account by sending a copy of your ID card and bank account statement. You observe and follow the instructions in the picture below.

After filling all information, click the Confirm button to complete FB88 withdrawal. At this point in the Main Account, the player will see the amount that has been deducted from the main account and there will be a line telling the player’s withdrawal order is processing (the picture below).

The withdrawal now has been successfully processed.

What about the quality of FB88 customer service?

FB88 has a support team to solve problems, answer questions 24/7, including holidays in Vietnam via channels: phone, email, online chat on the web or via Zalo, Viber, Facebook, Skype.

If you are a VIP member of the bookie, you will be supported by a professional team for VIP member care with the commitment of quality, maximum time to answer questions.

General comments of experience when participating in betting, using the service of FB88

As a quite new bookie on the market, what FB88 offers to its users so far is very good. All activities on the page are smooth, without lag, errors.

Conclusion on FB88

Despite of being a fresh bookie in the market of sports betting, football betting, those who have participated in betting, using services, playing games … of FB88 feel satisfied to a certain extent. If not being too strict, then FB88 is still a good choice.

4.5 rating

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