General introduction about HappyLuke

HappyLuke – Unique Casino Dealer on the market

Unlike tany bookmakers in the top 10 bookies that has introduced, which are bookmakers specializing in sports betting in general and football betting in particular, HappyLuke is a Casino bookmaker, specializing in games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sicbo and many other games … and does not offer sports betting, football betting at the present time. HappyLuke is licensed to operate in the Philippines through the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and strictly approves the specific rules of each market in which it operates.

The focus only on building, maintaining and developing the game segment helps HappyLuke get more focused users. They know who their customers are so that they can implement the programs of care, support, promotion in a reasonable way, attract many and right customers.

Detailed review of HappyLuke

Key features of HappyLuke

HappyLuke’s website has a very unique and eye-catching design style thanks to choosing and coordinating tones, the design of buttons, … Total impression makes this a service page with a youthful, friendly style, creating a sense of both professional and pleasant. Information transmitted through it is also quite neat, easy to understand, suitable for users looking to the page for entertainment purposes.

HappyLuke’s website has a simple and neat interface, supporting languages: Vietnamese, Chinese, English and Thai.

HappyLuke promotions

The specialist of HappyLuke is a Casino house, so the promotions are in addition to the first deposit bonus, special event bonus, etc

Beside tracking at the Promotion section on the home page of HappyLuke, you can refer information about the promotions of this dealer at this general page of

Experience HappyLuke on mobile devices

HappyLuke does not have a dedicated mobile application, but if users want to use HappyLuke on mobile devices, they will use the mobile web version built optimally for mobile devices.

Sign up instruction at Happyluke

Step 1: Access Happyluke homepage

At top right corner of homepage is a Join Now button as picture below. The moment you click at it a table will pop up and require you to put in the information as HappyLuke sign-up instruction to make it as fast as possible.

Step 2: Fill personal information in the sign-up form

  • Email: Must be correct, convenient for receiving promotions, bonus announcement, deposit and withdrawal transaction.

  • Mật khẩu: Keep this to yourself, password shouldn’t be shared to anyone else but you.

  • Full name: Must be correct as on your ID card for convenient transaction.

  • Phone number: Provide correct phone number so bookmaker’s staff can contact you for bonus money and promotions…

  • Date of birth: Fully fill your date of birth.

  • Gender: Select Male or Female.

  • Address: Put in your address.

  • Area code: 0084 or 70000 or whatever you want ^^, This won’t affect anything.

  • City: Select the city you’re living.

  • Nation:Viet Nam (or wherever you’re from).

  • Currency: USD as default (when making deposit or withdrawal transaction in VND).

All of your registered information will be carefully secured by HappyLuke so you can feel save that no 3rd party will have access to your information.

HappyLuke Sign-up confirmation

Just follow the instruction and you’ll have a HappyLuke account for your own, you’ll have free slot spin as a gift with various bonuses.

Có một số lưu ý mà có thể bạn thắc mắc trong quá trình đăng ký Happyluke:

  • In the section Your name will fill in as same as Middle Name and Name. Because Happyluke is a real-money online casino from Europe and most of them have a tradition of getting married, people will change their name after husband or wife, so it usually has 2 Family Name. In Australia, there is a similar tradition. But for Vietnamese players, they will enter 2 names the same as the examples below.

  • Example: your name is Nguyễn Văn Hùng.
    Your name: Văn Hùng.
    Your family name: Nguyễn.
    Middle name and Nam: Văn Hùng.
    Family name: Nguyễn.

  • Area code: insert 70000 .

How to deposit and withdraw money at HappyLuke?

At HappyLuke, users can deposit / withdraw via NETELLER service – a reputable worldwide platform. Although it is not possible to send money via local bank transfer, HappyLuke users can withdraw money from their account on the main website to their bank account in Vietnam.

In return, the time for depositing / withdrawing money at HappyLuke is quite fast, 5-15 minutes for depositing and 2-3 hours for withdraw.

Deposit instruction at HappyLuke

There are 3 steps to deposit your HappyLuke account:

Step 1: Log in to deposit your Happykuke account.

You access HappyLuke homepage and log in to your account, select my account, select deposit as picture below.

Step 2: Get bank account number

Currently, HappyLuke is supporting 6 major banks: ACB, Vietcombank, Techcombank, Dong A Bank, Sacombank and Viettin bank. Depending on which bank account you are using, HappyLuke will provide its same system bank account. The same system money transfer will help the bookmaker receive the money immediately and update it into your account immediately.

Deposit money into the account that HappyLuke provides, which can be transferred via: Internet banking, ATM or at the bank’s transaction counter… whichever way you are most familiar with, but if you do not know, you can find out through the images on the web of the bank you use for more details. Thus, the deposit is almost completed.

Step 3: Online chat to provide information

On the bottom right corner of homepage, there is a Help tab, click in it and you’ll see Live Chat, click and you’ll be shown how to deposit specifically.

At this step, you need to save the information when you deposit money into HappyLuke’s bank account, if it’s transferred via Internet banking, it is best to take a screenshot of the successful transaction screen to save all the money transfer information. If you make a deposit at an ATM, you will need to retain your money transfer slip from the ATM. If you deposit at the bank counter, keep the receipt.

  • Provide information that Live Chat staff require such as: Name of the one who deposit, amount of money, name of the bank, transaction number (journal entry number or reference number).

  • Right after when you’ve provided information, finance department of HappyLuke will check and update the money and bonus to your account within 3 minutes.

  • You’re now successfully deposit .

Note: Minimum amount of transaction: 200.000vnd = 10usd.

Transfer from player’s account, 3rd party account won’t be accepted. Which means that whoever name you use to register, you have to use that person account to deposit, borrowing anyone account will not be accepted.

Withdrawal instruction at HappyLuke

Step 1: Select withdrawal

Player when log in to their account, select My Account at the top right corner of the page, next, select Withdraw Method and do as instruction as picture below.

Step 2: Fill in withdrawal information

After clicking Withdrawal, a new tab will pop up. Player now need to select Withdraw via Local Bank, insert the amount of money in the box. And insert information of bank account that player want to make transaction.

Example: If Lê Văn Tèo has 200$ in his HappyLuke account and want to withdraw to his VietcomBank account, he’ll need to insert information as follow:

  • Money amount box: 200.

  • Bank name: VietcomBank

  • Bank branch: Vietcombank Trần Hưng Đạo

  • Bank address: Quận 5 – Tp.HCM

  • Name of customer bank account: Lê Văn Tèo

  • Bank account number: 0451-2546-254589

  • Phone number: 01687915846

After filling all information and click Next, it’s done. All you need to do now is to sit and wait for HappyLuke to transfer the money to your bank account. Withdrawal transaction process should take around 2-3 hours, but if you’re a familiar guest, the process would be faster, around 30 minutes.


Name of withdrawal bank account and name of Happyluke account should be the same. The transaction won’t be made if the names aren’t the same

When the order is completed, the player will see the status of the withdrawal order as: Waiting for approval. Don’t be nervous, the Payment Department will automatically execute the order. No need to ask Live Chat.

Evaluating the quality of customer care of HappyLuke?

HappyLuke has a professional 24/7 customer support service, with a focus on casino and other online games that the site has to offer. HappyLuke committed and the truth is they are doing very well in taking care of their customers. This is possible because the casino services, the entertainment games, are characterized by less variation and less complexity.

General comments on betting experience, using the service of HappyLuke

HappyLuke’s strongly focus on the entertainment segment (with real money prices), incorporate with additional pages to reduce the load of the website, for users to experience page loading and use the services in a smooth way.

This casino bookie also regularly organizes tournaments to increase customer interaction with the site and among the customers.

Conclusion about HappyLuke

Although HappyLuke is not a bookmaker specializing in betting, it is still in the list of top 10 bookmakers in Asia and Vietnam of, although it isn’t in a very high position, it is very respectable because it has passed many football and other sports bookmakers in spite of these two services are inherently used by many people, and more user participate in than games that HappyLuke offers.

If you are looking for a bookmaker that offers more games than a bookmaker, HappyLuke is one of the top choices at the moment.

2.5 rating

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