Introduction of JBO

JBO – The first online esports betting website in Vietnam

JBO is one of the emerging names in the betting world recently. This bookmaker just launched in 2019, branded as the first 3 letters of JUST BET ONLINE, focusing on providing betting services for products: Esports, sports betting and online casino.

In which JBO is often known by Vietnamese betting players as the first Esports betting website in Vietnam market.

JBO is legally licensed to operate in the market of gambling by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation and is managed by the Philippine government.

JBO offers betting services for thousands of sports events daily including Esports, big and small sport events around the world and in the region.

Operated only for a few months but JBO is considered by many players to be a professional, modern bookie and brings a lot of good experiences to players.

Detailed evaluation of JBO

The salient features of JBO

As a “late birth” website compared to other established bookies in the market, JBO still owns its own advantages as well as focusing on Esports betting, along with providing sports betting and online casino. By choosing a specific strategic playground which is creating a new trend in the betting community, JBO has highlighted its brand in a short time. Besides, JBO also has other outstanding features including:

Professionally designed, beautiful and unique website interface. Users will hardly be able to confuse JBO with any other website.

Besides Esports, JBO still offers sports betting and online casino services to help players have a variety of choices right on the same website.

Although newly launched, JBO has launched a mobile application on iOS and Android operating systems. This shows the financial potential as well as the seriousness of the management team behind JBO.

The JBO promotions are very competitive and even more attractive than many other bookies.

24/7 customer support, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

Player-friendly payment methods such as Local Bank, FastPay and FGo.

How are rewards, promotions and events at JBO?

As a new house on the market, the promotions of JBO are quite attractive. Some outstanding promotions include:

Free bet bonus for new members VND 100,000

100% reward for registration, up to VND 5,000,000

Return 100% of the first losing bet on JBO

You can visit the promotion information page from JBO of for more information.

About the JBO experience on mobile devices

Despite being a new bookie, JBO clearly understands the needs and tastes of the players by immediately providing applications for iOS and Android among with the PC version, allowing players to participate easily.

With beautiful interface, user friendly design, smooth features, easy to use. JBO betting application is very popular with many players.

Is it convenient to deposit and withdraw money at JBO?

JBO offers deposit and withdraw via local bank transfer and FastPay for players to easily join. Local bank transfer is usually the player choice

The steps are very simple as follows:

Deposit money into a JBO dealer account via local bank

Step 1: First you will need to register and log in to your account, then select Deposit => Local bank => Choose Bank Name.

The screen will then display the bank information you need to transfer.

Step 2: You can make an online transfer, directly go to the bank or ATM to deposit the provided account with the minimum amount of 100,000VND and the maximum of 200,000,000VND.

Step 3: After the transfer is successful, you need to confirm the deposit information by providing a reference number, deposit amount, time of deposit, payment authorization. Then select send.

Step 4: After sending, you will need to wait for the JBO system to process and transfer the money to your account. Transactions are usually processed fast and do not take long.

How to withdraw money from JBO dealer account

To withdraw money, you also need to go to Financial Management in the right corner of the screen, then select “Withdraw”. Then you need to provide all required information and select Submit to complete the transaction.

JBO provides almost a complete list of banks that you can use to withdraw money.

Note: Minimum withdrawal amount for each time is VND 200,000 and the maximum is VND 100,000,000.

Similar to depositing money, withdrawing is quick and easy, absolutely not difficult and makes players afraid.

What about the quality of JBO customer service?

JBO provides customer care 24/7, fast and on time so you won’t need to worry about waiting in case you need support.

The main forms that JBO uses for customers to contact include:

Online chat on website

Hotline: +84 244 458 2739 (Chargeable)

Zalo: +63 945 445 6685

General comments about the experience when participating in betting at JBO

In spite of releasing recently, JBO gives players the feeling of being very professional, not inferior to any other big bookies. In addition, the focus of esports betting has attracted the attention of the growing Esports favorite community.

Conclusion about JBO

It will take more time to accurately confirm the quality of JBO. However, initially you can feel secure when joining JBO. Especially when you are an eSports enthusiast, JBO should be a bookie you should not miss.

3.8 rating

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