Introducing K8

Perhaps K8 is a new name in the online betting market, but there is one special point, the owner of K8 is Asia Gaming, a well-known name in the online gambling field, when Asia Gaming is also the owner of Casino provider which ranked No.1 in Asia. After thriving in the Casino segment, Asia Gaming also officially entered the sports betting field and launched the K8 dealer.

The House K8 is originally from the Philippines and is licensed for online betting, showing the reputation and security of K8.

The House K8 outstanding late birth.

After being established in 2015, K8 quickly created its brand and expanded worldwide, the first thing was to sign a contract with the famous German midfielder Michael Ballack for the K8 Casino brand ambassador.

In 2016, K8 took a bold step into entering the prestigious English Premier League by signing a 1-year contract with the Premier League club West Bromwich Albion.

In 2017, the House K8 continued to conquere the world and expand its influence when signing contracts with two prestigious teams, from entering the Bundesliga through signing a sponsorship contract for Schalke 04, to continuing to expand its influence in the English Premier League through exclusive sponsorship of Manchester City.

In addition, K8 continues to expand its brand to the EFL Championship by sponsoring Cardiff City.

From that, it shows that the K8 is very focused on the brand that has constantly invested and sponsored famous football club, thereby showing how seriously and professionally K8 is.

Flexible Deposit and Withdrawal Policy.

K8 has a very flexible deposit policy, when customers in Vietnam, in addition to deposit through the local bank system, can also send money scratch card, Ngan Luong and other channels. So, customers have more safe and fast deposit options.

In addition, the House K8 makes withdraws for customers very fast, all withdraws will be processed within 30 minutes, ensuring the money will be in customer’s account.

Products offer diversity.

K8 is just like any other bookie, in addition to the sports products there are two prestigious suppliers, Opus Gaming and Saba Sports, thanks to the two suppliers so the sports odds are fully and greatly set. Suitable for the needs of people betting especially in Vietnam.

K8 owns the exclusive K8-Asia Gaming casino, many other casino vendors are invited by K8 to collaborate to bring diversity to their customers.

Besides, K8 also has Keno and Slot Game entertainment from many other suppliers, promising to satisfy all betting needs from customers.

Groundbreaking Promotion.

K8 when jumping into the Vietnamese market, has carefully researched and given extremely valuable, highlights and groundbreaking promotions.

Beside the first deposit promotion for new customers with high promotion amounts, the most outstanding thing of the programs at K8 is the promotion of refunding sports betting up to 1%, this is the rate extremely high in the bookies, and especially K8 allows customers to receive this 1% refund immediately without having to wait for a week like other bookmakers, thereby giving see insight into customer needs, and the flexibility of K8.

Customer care professional and dedicated.

K8 always supports customers everywhere, so the House K8 supports 3 languages: English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Live Chat customer care team serves customers 24/7, ready to answer all questions and requests from Vietnamese customers.

In addition K8 also supports customers through other social media channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Twitter …

General comments about K8.

K8 is considered a new bookmaker with many advancements and improvements, which is welcome in the highly competitive and fierce online betting market, so that customers in Vietnam are served in the best and most professional manner.

If this way of doing is maintained, K8 will soon gain the trust and support of customers, so that K8’s foothold in Vietnam will be built more firmly in the future.

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