V9Bet is the leading online gambling entertainment website in Asia, providing attractive online entertainment such as Sports, Casino, Games. The headquarters of V9bet located in the Philippines and legally licensed by CEZA and First Cagayan (http://www.firstcagayan.com). This is a safe and confidential online betting site, ensuring the quality of betting products and customer data.

Recently, there have been rumors online about a reputable betting site and card game on the internet: V9Bet. There have been players participate in football betting have volunteered to try V9Bet and review, so I am completely assured of the prestige and quality of this bookie. Vietnam market has had a new bookie to increase the choice for yours.

Introducing the V9Bet

Through many years of operation, V9Bet has been highly regarded as a leading online bookmaker in Asian markets. V9Bet offers players basic services such as sports betting, keno, online casino and games. The V9Bet house headquarter located in the Philippines, licensed by CEZA and first Cagayan.

V9Bet is primarily for betting players in China and Asia Pacific markets. V9Bet system has been developed to be able to improve the privacy and safety for personal information of all players when participate in the V9Bet dealer. The administration of V9Bet operates on the criterion of providing certain assurance and fairness for individual involved in the bookmaker. Do not accept cases of sharing personal information of customers with a third party. Let’s find out what V9Bet is below.

Website interface and applications of V9Bet

Website V9Bet has a harmoniously designed interface, easy to look at, not offensive. When you play betting in Vietnam market, the website will show the Vietnamese language easily for you to participate.

The V9Bet logo is gray white with a very luxurious curve on a blue background. Banner advertising on the latest promotions of V9Bet. The list of services is clear, including Home, Live Casino, Sports, Keno and Promotions. Large and clear fonts, creating harmony, eye-catching feeling when viewers look at V9Bet website interface.

V9Bet has also developed a mobile version of itself for customers who use smartphones and tablets. V9Bet Mobile is also completely full of features as the computer V9Bet version. The layout is scientifically arranged and clearly presented to the fullest on every size of different mobile phones and tablets.

In particular, the registration button V9BET is very large, you can immediately see the registration button and immediately create yourself a V9Bet account. If you encounter any difficulties or questions in the process, looking right through the screen with a contact button will immediately help you answer all your questions with the enthusiastic support of a professional consultant.

The leading factor that helps create the prestigious V9bet house brand is the diversity in services. The number of matches with very high odds is one of the advantages for the player. The house always guarantees to take full bets, there are no shortcomings from the beginning of the match to the last minutes of the match, along with the score will also be updated every second, help players not to miss an odd.

The sports in sportbook category is like a menu with lots of attractive spices for the choice of all customers in general and betting in particular.

Extremely vivid images and sounds of online casino rooms have created excitement for players to participate. The number of games is a limitation of the house but V9Bet has tried to invest in the quality of the system with extremely sexy female staffs to help increase the mood for players when starting to participate.

Online casino at V9Bet

Currently, V9Bet has one of the largest casinos in Asia located in the Philippines to be able to serve the players as well as affirm its name to customers playing at the bookie. Join the online casino at V9Bet, you will experience new technology when applying your live casino to let players bet.

At V9Bet online casino you will be playing like sitting in a real casino, everything is filmed directly from the real casino, then the player will feel safe while playing. V9Bet online casino was created to serve all those who do not have time to go to betting and just need entertainment at home. Casino V9Bet online offers a large list of popular gambling categories such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Frisbee, Telebet, Sicbo, and slot machine games.

Sign-up Instruction V9bet

To sign-up V9Bet for betting is very simple and fast. You just need to follow these steps

Step 1: Access V9bet

You’ll need to access V9Bet homepage first.

Step 2: Fill information in the sign-up form.

When you’re at homepage, click Sign Up.

The sign-up form will pop-up, you just need to finish all the missing boxes as the picture above. You don’t need to worry about anything because your information will be secured in the safest way. It’s V9Bet priority.


  • Personal information: you must fill in correct full name. Your full name must be the same as the name on the bank account that you use to deposit or withdraw money. For safety of the transaction between you and the bookmaker, the mismatch name will cause failure to the transaction.

  • V9Bet log in information: Username is your account login: you need to remember correctly, after you have completed, click on “validate” to check if the username has been duplicated with other players or not. The password is for access, this password should only let you know and should be longer than 6 characters. Always remember your password.

  • Account information and security: If you do not have an Email, visit http://gmail.com to create yourself an email. This email is used to receive notifications and secure for your V9bet account.

  • When you have completed all the above data, please click on the checkmark: “I am 18 years old” and then enter the capcha code and then click the sign up to complete the account creation process at V9bet..

Step 3: Finish signing up V9bet

Your registered account will be validated in a few seconds.

Then click the Create Account button and you will receive a notification of creating a successful account at V9bet as follows.

Deposit Instruction V9Bet

Step 1. Contact Live chat for V9bet Bank Information.

Click on the orange text that says Contact Now to be able to chat online with online support, you need to provide registration information and ask the counselor to provide their bank account number. Currently V9bet supports almost all banks in Vietnam.

There are many forms to let you choose, chat directly, skype or phone number … I recommend you choose online chat offline, fast but most convenient. Click on the “Online support” button and follow the instructions for depositing V9bet.

Step 2. Deposit V9bet bank account

Currently, there are 3 ways to deposit V9bet bank account.

  • Deposit via ATM.

After you have V9Bet bank account information, go to the ATM to make your transaction.

  • Deposit at bank counter.

Player go to bank counter and make transaction, this seems to be the fastest quay, but remember to keep the receipt.

  • Deposit via Internet Banking.

Proceed the transaction. Click Deposit and choose “Local Bank”.

Fill information in the Deposit Form that V9Bet provide. Website interface will go to another board and you need to fill in as picture below.

Select a bank, fill your information in the deposit form and confirm: Fill your deposit information according to the form provided by V9bet.

Transfer funds to the betting house account. After the main account has been updated, go to the “Transfer” box to transfer money from the main account to a sports betting account or casino to participate in online betting…

Click “Tranfer”, fill in information, confirm transaction.

Withdraw Instruction at V9Bet

Log into your registered V9bet account to play at the V9bet.

Click “Withdraw”

Fill in information as form

Enter all bank account information you want to withdraw to the V9bet dealer account following the V9bet withdrawal instructions:

You need to fill out your bank details and the exact amount you want to withdraw into V9bet form – remember to transfer from: “Sports” to: “Primary account” before you can withdraw money

Fill in all of your bank account information in the form below.

Confirm successful withdrawal

Click OK and you’re done!

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